Our Mission

At DollHouse we aim to bring you world-class premium services “The Glam Way”. While using our knowledge , wellness , and superior service our guests are our top priority . Our goals entail building enduring & rewarding relationships with our clients and community. We are a place where beauty, comfort, knowledge and personalized attention combine to create a totally memorable experience.

Our Vision

Our vision at DollHouse is to become a one -stop shop , offer state of the art treatments and give the best possible customer experience to each person that we come in contact with !

Our Values

Guided by our mission and vision statement , we strive to be the most trusted, respected, and innovative provider in the beauty industry. We hold out client relationships in the highest regard. We consistently provide our clients with an exceptional service experience and top quality personal care. Our actions and behaviors reflect the respect we have for our clients, our teammates and the community we live and work in. We value our customers and commit ourselves to be resourceful and relevant through continuous improvements in our products and services.

Group 2

Selling hair started off as just a

for Ashley Taylor. Never did she dream
that she would actually be a studio owner.

Just concocting mud masks to make herself more beautiful had once been enough for her. Ashley had always had an interest in beauty but never really knew what her niche would be. Her mom would constantly enter her in beauty pageants and she even won “ Little Miss Houston”, but that just wasn’t enough for her. At the age of 22 Ashley started off with a hair company and didn’t take it seriously. It was just another source of income to her job that she already had . She soon realized she was good at it and started to take interest in taking it seriously. She began searching for ways to bring more awareness to the type of hair she wanted to sell.

Fast forward In the beginning of 2016, She realized that she was ready to turn it into a business and not a hustle. “DollHouseandCo” was finally born.

Once Ashley got into selling hair, she knew that she wanted to provide an actual service with it that would appeal to her clients. Ashley had always known that I’ve had an interest in brows but not makeup necessarily. She started to look into classes and researching various classes and services. She had always been infatuated with brows and waxing which lead her to take an interest in semi-permanent cosmetics. Now she is a two time licensed microblading/microshading artist – and full-time entrepreneur.

She began practicing microblading around the end of 2016, while also taking an interest in cosmetic dentistry. I’ve learned the ins and outs of teeth whitening by taking various trainings and learning as much as I can constantly can. .
After learning the ins and outs of these services, she decided to branch out and open her own cosmetic studio….. “Doll House Glam & Cosmetic Studio”

She was one of the first in the area to pursue teeth whitening and is am aiming to be a constant innovator! Her teeth whitening technique has had women and men from all over eager for appointments. I take pride in servicing my clients as well as creating a bond with them. I also feel like my medley of different techniques and product knowledge paired with my customer service skills keep my clients coming back and referring clients constantly.

While currently on her way to become a licensed Esthetician she continues to push the boundaries when it comes to creating unique experiences for her clients.

What does the future hold for Ashley and Doll House? The possibilities are endless ……..